Every company needs people who contribute to its success. We are here to help you get quality employees.



All activities offered by our agency are done professionally. All of our employees have 10 years of experience and more. In every situation, we try to find a solution, that will be suited for both participants. Both for the employer and the employee. We are convinced that otherwise, our services will not work well. We approach each client individually and offer the most suitable starting point in the recruitment process.

What can we do for you?

For many companies, not just manufacturing companies, staff leasing can be an effective way to provide employees. The service relieves the company in several areas.

  • recruiting
  • generally in administration (you do not have to deal with entry and exit formalities, executions, payroll, etc.)
  • create the necessary labour flexibility, both de facto and legislative.

Other times, it can help a company remain a small business or keep the company's headcount at the desired level. 

Are you worried about lack of time or don't know how to do it? Don't be afraid to delegate your work to us. We can take over any personnel administration, e.g. work permits for people from NON-EU countries.

We can find you any staff you need. Thanks to our experience, we can navigate the Czech labour market and find and approach the most suitable employees for almost all positions.

The situation in Ukraine currently does not allow us to fully exploit the potential of recruitment, we have turned our activities to the Philippines, where we are successful in finding both qualified and unqualified employees. In addition to recruitment, we are able to prepare for you all the administration associated with legal employment in the Czech Republic. The Philippines seems to be our best source of low-skilled labour at the moment. Through our partners we are able to arrange recruitment in other countries as well.